Never Be Deplatformed

Permapost grants everyone a global, uncensorable voice. By cementing each post into the blockchain, even the creators of Permapost can't remove any of the content. Further, these articles can receive direct tips from readers. This grants content creators a permanent platform to publish and monetize content, which no one can ever revoke or limit.

How it works

Permapost - How it works
Each post has a permalink like this one that can never be removed from the Internet.

Made for you

Forged by Foundry

Foundry builds products for a radically free world - Permapost is just the beginning. We're looking for more freedom lovers to add energy to this beast, so that in addition to building unstoppable free products, Foundry itself can't be stopped on this mission.

The nitty-gritty

Who is Permapost for?

The Deplatformed

Tired of being deplatformed and demonetized? Permapost welcomes you - forever.

Radical Writers

Have an unpopular opinion? Let Permapost be your soapbox, embedded in concrete.


Spill the beans! No one can stop you, and your identity is never revealed.


What makes Permapost special, compared to sites like Medium or Letter?

Unlike traditional content platforms, it is impossible to censor any piece of content on Permapost. There are no owners, moderators, or admins; and there is no organization that can be pressured - legally, politically, or socially - to remove any Permapost content.

This means that content creators have a guarantee they can't find on other platforms: they will never be de-platformed or demonetized. Content creators can consider Permapost a permanent platform that can never be taken away from them.

Isn't it dangerous to have an uncensored public discussion? What about nazis?

Foundry supports and builds products that promote radical freedom, and it's our belief that the merits of this radical freedom are worth the costs. When did we all get so comfortable with censorship, anyway? Perhaps we arrived at this comfort partially via subtly censored web platforms?

A fuller explication of our ethical position can be read here.

You can't get away with this! You'll be shut down.

Nope. Unlike sites like Gab, which relied on traditional web2 software, Permapost is built directly on blockchain technology. For the same reasons that no one can shut down Bitcoin or prevent a particular user from sending or receiving Bitcoin, no one can shut down Permapost or prevent any particular agent from publishing content on it.

Every Permapost is written directly into a block in the blockchain, and every blockchain is a decentralized system that can't seem to be killed or stopped.

What do I need in order to use Permapost?

Reading posts is entirely free.

To make posts, you'll need a web3 wallet like Metamask and a bit of crypto to pay the transaction fee that cements your writing into the blockchain. Metamask is easy enough to set up; getting crypto will be the harder part if you don't already have some. Currently, Permapost supports Ethereum (meaning you'll need ETH) and xDai (which needs the xDai token).

An xDai faucet is on the roadmap, which will integrate a way for new users to get small amounts of xDai to make onboarding easier. In the meantime, we are happy to directly help anyone who is eager to post but has no crypto. Join our Telegram and we'll be happy to send you a dime or two of xDai - which should be enough for several hundred posts!

Why Did Foundry Create Permapost?
Foundry created Permapost because we believe that freedom of speech is every person’s right. We want to create a platform that allows each person to share their thoughts and opinions, where censorship is simply not possible.
Who is Permapost Intended for?
Permapost is intended for writers who want to share content with their followers, with no possibility of being censored, de-platformed, or demonetized. Traditional content platforms don’t work this way: at any moment, the platform can decide to remove content - whether those reasons are ethical, political, or just about agendas and incentives. For this reason, Foundry created Permapost. A place where everyone can share content freely.
Does the platform have terms and conditions?
Once a user posts for the first time, the Permapost platform will guide them through a mini acceptance process. This is to ensure they understand what it means to post on the blockchain and have permanent content stored on there.
What if I wanted my post removed?
Once you’ve posted on Permapost, the content is stored on the blockchain and can never be removed by anyone.
If Posts are permanent, how do I edit my post?

Once a writer has posted a Permapost, it can never be edited again. That’s why you need to be very sure before clicking the “post” button. However, you can always just create a new version of the post and share that link instead of the old one.

In future versions of Permapost, we’ll make it easier to publish such a “revision” of posts. This won’t delete the original post but will alert any readers that there is a more up-to-date version and allow them to view that instead.

Can a Writer be Identified when posting on Permapost?
No, a writer does not need an account linked to any form of identification, such as an email address or phone number. Each post is only linked to the crypto address they used when posting. Unless they choose to identify themselves in the post/s, they will remain pseudonymous.
Is there a way to comment on or discuss a permapost?
The sister product SmokeSignal supports this. When viewing a permapost, you’ll find links to view the same content on SmokeSignal. There you can view others' comments as well as post your own, in a reddit-style nested fashion.
What are those weird faces beside each permapost?
These "phaces" as we call them map to your Ethereum address - every author has a unique phace. We don't yet have a preview for these phaces in this app, but SmokeSignal does. If you go there and connect your wallet you'll be able to preview the phace associated with your currently active Ethereum address. This will be the phace displayed for anything posted under that address, both on SmokeSignal and Permapost.